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Somewhere, somehow, you'll be happy
Yo! My name is Dahiana, but my friends call me 'Daya'. I'm from Ecuador and I like the bread :3
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Konoha no Sekai Jijou


this doesn’t make sense


Come to the dark side, we have cookies.

And Pinecest


i was thinking about what would happen if twins met rev!twins and i feel like the first conclusion they’d jump to is that these weirdly dressed look-a-likes had to be clones and the solution to getting rid of them is shooting them with water, AWKWARd

and rev twins would see them as a big pathetic joke before toastin them mercilessly

there’s a whole sort of back story to this? but i’ll refrain from writing it all out here boooop

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Road to Paris


Don’t loose your scrap piece of Pewds ;)

I love Corpse Party! Things are getting really interesting x

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

by Pewds, Cry, and Ken ver.

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Original song here

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「   L e t’ s  D a z e 」


By Sapphire

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.


everybody is drawing really amazing daze fanart and I’m just